The Website Installer in our Yildiz Hosting Site Control Panel offers a fast and easy way to generate a completely new website that has a custom web design in less than 5 minutes. It merely requires only a few simple steps for your website to be on the Internet. It’s possible to pick from over two hundred readily available web themes and once everything is completely ready, you are able to handle your brand–new site very easily. We will send you logon info for the management area and you should be able to commence including new web pages immediately. If, anytime, you need assistance – the technical team members will be available 24/7, all set to assist you.

The Website Installer is offered each cloud services, VPS hosting services, semi-dedicated services, and dedicated hosting services bundle coming using the Yildiz Hosting Site Control Panel.

A Quick Webpage Installer

Release your new web site with just a click

If you’re not skilled in HTML and CSS, it might be really difficult for you to handle a site launch all on your own – if you don’t make use of point & click web site production tools like the instant Website Installer that will be included in the Site Control Panel. To make use of the application, you just need to choose a style and design theme for use on your site and afterwards install it with simply a click of the mouse. You don’t have to possess any kind of programming expertise to jumpstart your website. You can add brand new webpages and add text content and photos to them truly conveniently. If you do not like the adjustment you’ve made it’s possible to undo it and repeat the process. It’s all quite simple to control.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Web–site Templates In Your Hands

Install your new site with just a click of the mouse

To assist you to bring a new website on the Internet as soon as possible, we’ve designed a collection of web site templates to choose between. Based on the function of your web site, you can find a terrific design template for use on your blog site or web gallery or maybe the most appropriate design for your personal portfolio. All design templates are available for 100% free download inside your Site Control Panel. We’re working hard to construct brand–new web–site templates in accordance with the latest style and design tendencies to be able to provide you with a better option for your sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Support

Our website hosting professionals are at hand 24 hours

The support crew comprises of representatives who have worked many years in the web hosting sector. They are trained to work with various difficulties and can be found 24 hours, able to assist you. On top of that, we’ve got FAQ and plenty of educational videos.

And also, we supply a one–hour response time period warranty, meaning you will get a reply to your query quickly. The common response time is under 20 min’s.

24/7 Support